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Why Purchasing Antiques Is A Sustainable Choice

Updated: May 10

Purchasing that antique or vintage item you have had your eye on for that specific place in your home is not only a nice feeling but it is also helping the environment. Here, we look at why antiques are a sustainable choice.

an antique Sheraton mahogany chest of drawers with an antique French champleve enamel mantel clock

More than ever we are looking at our surroundings, the waste we are producing, the pollution caused and materials used. Making smarter choices is a small change we can all make. If you already buy and collect antiques you have been ahead of the time. It is the original reuse, reduce, recycle.

Many people are not aware purchasing antiques is sustainable and better for the environment. The production of an item was completed many years prior and therefore the carbon footprint is much less against buying new.

Why purchasing antiques in better for the environment

The impact on the environment when purchasing antique and vintage items is sixteen times less than buying new. No trees need to be cut down in forests, energy and pollution consumed with machinery used to make or transport items is far less and the quality is greater which means they stand the test of time.

When antique furniture and clocks were produced they were handmade and often the machinery was foot treadle operated. The dyes and glues were natural and not synthetic and damaging to the environment like some of the products used today. Timbers were far greater in quality unlike the fast furniture of today which also impacts the forests and wildlife due to the cutting down of trees.

It would be impossible in todays world to produce something by hand to such a high skill level and for it be cost effective due to the expense of materials and energy. Antiques preserve the history, the craftsmanship and the story behind them.

an antique mahogany bracket clock made in Liverpool stood on a Regency rosewood and brass inlaid side table with an ormolu Mazarin wall light


Appreciating what we already have

Some antiques have been loved and have stood the test of time, some need restoring due to general wear and tear.

Hours, weeks and months were spent making beautiful items which can still be appreciated in your home. Restoring the life back in to an item allows it to be showcased for many more years to come. Often when restoring, old and reclaimed wood can be used for repairs as the quality needs to be the same as the original, which again uses the mantra of reuse, reduce, recycle.


Antiques in the home and how to use them

In a previous blog post we looked at how to accessorise your home with antique items whether you have a traditional or contemporary home.

Furniture can now serve different purposes like card tables for example can simply be used as side tables in a hallway or lounge and the beauty of the figuring in the wood showcased. Oriental camphor wood chests are not only beautiful to look at and great for storage but can also be used as coffee tables with glass placed on top.

Buying antiques is the perfect way to create the ultimate stylish home whilst taking into consideration the environment around us.

a mid century agate and gilt metal large table lamp stood on a Victorian rosewood side table with a Rococo style giltwood wall mirror


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