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How To Accessorise Your Home With Decorative Antique Items

Updated: May 10

Whether it be a giltwood mirror, a mantel clock, table lamps or bronze sculptures, antique items are a great way to add personality to your living space. We look at where to place these decorative items and how to accessorise and style them.

an antique French Vicrotian mahogany table clock on a Regency brass inlaid side table with a chinoiserie pate sur pate table lamp

Incorporating antiques in to your home is a great way of adding personality and originality. Mixing and matching textures, materials and eras prevents a space from looking bland and a carbon copy of other interiors.

If you prefer a minimalist look, it does not mean you cannot furnish your home with decorative antique furniture or accessories. Choosing one or a few pieces is all it takes to transform your interior space.

Tip #1 - Clocks are not just for the mantelpiece

As the name suggests - 'mantel' clock is where you should be placing your clock, however as interiors have become more modern and people are opting for their televisions above their mantelpieces it leaves little room for a clock. Ever thought of placing them on a side table or a chest of drawers?

Mantel clocks are smaller than bracket clocks and can easily be accommodated on a piece of furniture. No need for tall ceilings and large scale rooms, accessorise with a table lamp or your family photo frames. Bronze gilt clocks look stylish placed on wooden or glass surfaces, French boulle mantel clocks can be placed on Regency mahogany tables, the difference in colours and materials will complement each other and add interest.

Tip #2 - Pairs of lamps do not have to be accessorised together

a mid century glass and bronzed table lamp on a Victorian burr walnut side table

Symmetry in a room is pleasing on the eye but in reality most people do not have symmetrical rooms. For example place one of your table lamps on a side table in the living room and the other could be placed on an occasional table on the landing which also creates ambient light in a smaller space.

Like clocks, table lamps also serve as a functional decorative item. Use as a stand alone item on a piece of furniture or accessorise with a sculpture or clock. When lit the light will highlight the item you have placed it with

Tip #3 - Mixing materials and shapes

One way of making a room look clinical is by using a pale colour palette and square structures together. Instead, try mixing glass with wood and bronze gilt to create warmth against a white wall backdrop and add curves to soften up the right angles. Try placing your antique mahogany bracket clock with a contrasting grain structure like rosewood and add a bronze gilt wall light to compliment the brass elements and also highlight the clock when illuminated.

an antique mahogany Regency bracket clock on a burr walnut table with a bronze horse sculpture

Tip #4 - Mix up the eras

an art deco chandelier hanging from a Victorian plaster ceiling rose with round modern mirror

Just because you live in Georgian house does not mean you have to furnish and accessorise your home with furniture and decorative items from that era. Likewise if you live in a new build it does not mean you cannot add antique furniture. Mix Mid-Century coffee tables with English Georgian bracket clocks, picking out the brass elements in each to balance out the aesthetic.

If you are lucky enough to have original architecture in your home use it as a focal point. Add an antique Art Deco Chandelier to your decorative plaster ceiling rose and complement the shapes in the form of a round contemporary wall mirror.

To sum up

- Try mixing a Chinese blue and white vase with a bronze and gilt porcelain mantel clock placed on a table.

- Add luxury to your fireplace with a French bronze gilt Rococo style fender.

- Incorporate your interests in sculptures.

Create a unique decorative space with your antique accessories.

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