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Lighting Ideas - How To Choose The Correct Lighting For Your Room

Updated: 2 days ago

From antique and Mid-Century chandeliers to table lamps to wall lights

French Louis XV green marble lamp on a walnut side cabinet next to a sofa

Whether you are doing a whole house renovation or redecorating a single room in your home, lighting should always be considered.

Room Size, Ambience and Style are all key factors when accessorising your home, it is a crucial design feature that also serves a purpose. Lighting should be considered in how you use your space and how the needs of that space change through the day.

Antique lighting is not only more sustainable to the environment, It can elevate your interior design by making your room more unique and personal to you.

Read on to find out our tips for styling your home with beautiful indoor lighting

Tip #1 - Room Size

It might sound obvious but the size of your room should be taken into consideration and the light should spread evenly across your room. When thinking about ceiling lights, smaller spaces like hallways, cloakrooms, bedrooms and medium sized living rooms suit single bulb to triple branch chandeliers. Bigger rooms are better suited to chandeliers with four branches and more and the diameter of the chandelier should also be considered to balance out the space.

Chandeliers suited to larger spaces

1. French brass and crystal glass six branch chandelier, Circa - 1930
2. Mid-Century gilt metal and crystal glass four branch chandelier by Hans Kogl, Circa - 1970
3. English Edwardian bronze gilt six branch chandelier by G.E.C, Circa - 1900

Chandeliers suited to smaller spaces

1. Italian Art Deco crystal four tier chandelier, Circa - 1930
2. Italian Mid-Century gilt metal three branch chandelier, Circa - 1970
3. Italian Art Deco crystal glass bag chandelier, Circa - 1930

Tip #2 - Ambience

Wall light sconces and table lamps are a perfect way to create ambient lighting in a space. Wall lights are suited to alcove spaces and also look stylish set central within wall panel moulded frames. Pairs of wall lights are also a great way to create symmetry in a room.

Table lamps create a subtle and calming reading space and make the perfect accessory for a table at the side of a sofa or chair. The idea is to create a comfortable space and crystal glass catches the light beautifully and can emit relaxing light.

Our picks for ambient lighting

1. Italian Mid-Century glass table lamps, Circa - 1970
2. Italian Mid-Century gilt metal wall light, Circa - 1950
3. Pair of Victorian bronze three branch wall lights, Circa - 1880

Tip #3 - Style

From classic French Louis XV styles to Italian Mid-Century to Art Deco it all depends on your personal taste but antique lighting can also compliment the architecture and age of your building. Take certain design aspects like the classic stepped Art Deco (1919 - 1939) building architecture and apply it to your 1930's home with an Italian four tier crystal glass chandelier and a stepped profile design skirting board. Both elements mimic each other but also tie in design aspects in to your room without going overboard on the theme.

The Chrysler building with an antique Art Deco four tier crystal glass chandelier and a stepped profile skirting board


All of our antique lighting is hand picked by us because of its quality and beauty. To discover all of our available antique chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps click the link below.

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